Strongman Equipment You Need For Strongman Training

strongman training equipment

Have you been struggling to set new Strongman records during your workouts? Is your grip slipping? Are your legs lacking power to move much weight? Achieving new levels of Strongman power has a lot to do with using the proper equipment.

Here are several pieces of Strongman equipment that you need to have with you during every Strongman workout.


Let’s start out with the equipment you’ll need to complete the big and bad lifts of Strongman. The following equipment can support you without taking away any effort from the working muscle.

Powerlifting Lever Belt: Don’t let the name fool you, a powerlifting lever belt can be an essential part of any Strongman workout. Providing your abdominal wall with support during your heaviest lifts, a powerlifting lever belt can help you get that extra plate or rep.

Lifting Straps: How many times has your grip failed long before the target muscle? Lifting straps are the best way to ensure you are able to hammer on the target muscle, achieving new levels of hypertrophy and strength.

Power-Training Sled: Chances are you don’t have an entire backyard dedicated to truck pulls. If you want to build the same muscle groups and power needed to pull trucks, a power-training sled is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to an 18-wheeler.


Let’s say that you’re slacking when it comes to your grip. This can be a big problem. If your grip is giving out during a lift, the targeted muscle isn’t getting the work it deserves. The following equipment can help to improve your grip.

Alpha Grips: Sure, you need all-out strength during Strongman training, but if your grip is awful, then you won’t get far. Alpha Grips simulate thick-bar training, helping to vastly improve your grip strength and grip endurance.

EZ Gripz: If you’re going for a new personal best, you are recovering from an injury, or you simply want some extra reassurance during heavy lifts, EZ Gripz can help during your toughest lifts.

Cannon Grips: Continuing with the idea from above, cannon grips are the ultimate in grip strength training. These are a must if you’re serious about competing in Strongman events. Cannon grips can be used during pull-ups, chin-ups, or rows to dramatically increase your grip strength, which will help with competition lifts.


Strongman training involves some serious weight being thrown around. If you want to make sure that you make it into the gym for another day of training, consider using the following equipment for safety.

Wrist Wraps: This is a staple of all weightlifting, but especially in Strongman. Much like EZ Gripz, wrist wraps are for performance as much as they offer for support and protection. If you have prior wrist injuries or if you want some extra support to keep your wrist stable during really heavy lifts, wrist wraps are a necessity.

Knee Sleeves: Depending on your goals, prior experience, and medical history, you may want to consider either knee sleeves or knee wraps. Knee sleeves offer a form of support via compression. Knee sleeves help you perform during intense exercises such as power sled pulls.

Knee Wraps: On the other hand, if you’re going for one of the classic compound lifts such as a squat or deadlift, go with a knee wrap. They have the flexibility to let you achieve full extension, but they give you the support you need to lift the heavier plates.


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