7mm Knee Sleeves

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  • PREMIUM 7MM KNEE SLEEVES (1 Pair): Featuring 7mm Neoprene Flex-Material designed for maximum support, compression and stability for Cross Training, weight lifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding and more!
  • KNEE COMPRESSION & SUPPORT: Our 3-D design provides a contoured fit for perfect joint compression and warmth with optimal breathability and comfort.
  • ANTI-SLIP TECHNOLOGY: The knee sleeve upper limit features double silicone gel strips to lock it in place during intense activities. Never re-position your sleeves again during a WOD or intense workout!
  • PREVENT INJURY: Knee sleeves reduce pressure and swelling during activity proven to promote muscle recovery and prevent injury. Increase performance and confidence instantly on all your lifts!
  • SIZING CHART: Please use sizing chart above to order the correct size. You need to measure your true knee size with a flexible tape.

7mm Neoprene 3D Flex Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) for Maximum Performance!

Our all new, redesigned 7mm knee sleeves have been carefully crafted to maximize durability, safety and comfort. The thick 7mm Neoprene knee sleeve creates a combined mental and physical frame to keep athletes safe while maximizing performance. The knee support will keep your joints warm, increase blood flow and create compression at the joint to limit patella movement increasing strength, injury prevention and confidence.

Who Can Benefit From Using Knee Sleeves?

Whether you're a regular trainee, an advanced lifter or a beginner, you want to protect your knees under load. It is a MUST HAVE for squats and to anyone who suffer from knee pain while exercising. The compression and increased blood flow increases recovery and aids in muscle recovery and rehabilitation.

Main Features:

- High-End 7mm SCR Neoprene Material

- Anti-Slip Technology Interior

- Anatomical Fit

- Optimal Length (11.5” long)

- Double Stitching Construction

Fit Guide

Measure around the area the sleeve will be worn (WITHOUT pants). Pull tape tight for best measurement. You can also refer to the sizing chart by clicking on "Sizing Guide" above to choose the correct size. 

- Small: 11.8-13"
- Medium: 13-14.2"
- Large: 14.2-15.7"
- X-Large: 15.7-17"
- XX-Large: 17-18.3"

5 Star Experience

Built tough for your workouts, our 7mm knee sleeves are durable, offers extreme support, effective and fully portable, will last many years of usage and give you the results you want. We’re so confident that you’ll absolutely love our knee sleeves that if somehow you aren’t 100% satisfied, just contact us and we’ll take them back for a full refund!

Additional Gear Information

Eligible for express shipping?  Yes
Material  High-End SCR Neoprene
  • Limits joint movement, increasing strength and stability
  • Increases the weight you can lift
  • Warms your knees joints
  • Reduces pressure and swelling during exercise
  • Prevents injuries & promote muscle recovery
Available sizes  S to XXL
Dimensions  Length: 11.5"
 Circumference: 11.8-18.3"
 Thickness: 0.275" (7mm)
Weight  0.86 to 0.96 lbs
Warranty Type  1 Years Warranty
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