Hip Resistance Bands

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  • 🍑 TONE & BURN YOUR BUTT, LEGS AND GLUTES: Take your workout to the next level with fun and new exercises, such as: Hip Band Squats, Hip Thrusts, Hip Abduction & Adduction, Inner & Outer Thigh Contractions, Walking Side Step, Walking Forward Step, Hip Band Leg Press, Hip Band Kick Backs and many more! Improve your leg workouts and see the difference you can make in your strength and physical appearance of your hips, glutes, hamstrings, and quads.
  • 🍑HIGHEST QUALITY HIP BAND CIRCLE FOR FITNESS: We wanted to create workout bands that NEVER ROLL or SLIP like other glute bands, were the absolute BEST QUALITY possible, and were still CUTE and looked great - so we did!
  • 🍑THICK and SLIP RESISTANT: Not only is our resistance loop band thick, super soft, and SUPER COMFORTABLE, but it also has a slip-resistant inner layer that prevents our fitness bands from moving around or rolling while you train. Once you experience our resistance bands for legs and butt, you’ll never go back to the old latex resistance loop bands!
  • 🍑DIFFERENT SIZES - DIFFERENT LEVELS OF RESISTANCE: You don’t produce the same strength level on the many exercises possible: Hip Abduction & Adduction, Hip Band Squat, Inner & Outer Thigh Contractions, Hip Band Kick Backs, Walking Forward Step, Walking Side Step, and Hip Band Leg Press. This is why we created 3 different sizes of hip bands so you can keep improving your butt and leg workouts! See the difference you can make in your physical appearance with our set of strength bands for hips!
  • 🍑100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We're confident you'll absolutely love our hip elastic bands or any of our other products! If somehow you are not 100% satisfied, just reach out and contact us!

Strengthen, Tone & Build Muscle with our Hip Bands

Our premium exercise bands for legs and are perfect for any home or gym workout. Our Hip Bands are the most effective glutes band to help you achieve your booty goals! Warming up plays a major role in getting a better, more efficient, and injury-free workout. The hip resistance bands for legs and butt activate the smaller muscle groups in your tough-to-target hips and glutes fixing any imbalances while also activating the major muscles groups

Works for TONS of Exercises

The added resistance that the booty bands provide, gives your workouts that extra kick it needs to tone and build your butt. You can use the Hip Bands for: squats, deadlifts, hip thrusters, leg kickbacks, Walking Side Step, Hip Band Kick Backs, yoga, and so much more. It is the absolute most valuable fitness product you can buy for leg training.


Who Can Benefit From Using Hip Bands?

If you train your legs, then you definitely need hip bands! Designed to get your glutes firing again, using the hip bands will tone and sculpt your hips, thighs, legs and butt. Our fabric booty bands will turn your curves into head-turning swerves and get you a fit, firm and fierce sculpted butt!

Main Features :

- 3 Different Sizes for 3 Different Strength Levels: Small (Heavy) - Medium (Medium) - Large (Light)

- 3" Wide High Quality Fabric with Non-Slip Gripper Technology

- Most Comfortable and Soft Fabric

- Double Stitching Construction

- Will Never Roll, Pinch or Slip

- Fully Versatile and Portable

How To Use

Begin using the Large band(Light) and gradually work on smaller bands Medium (Medium) and Small (Heavy)

5 Star Experience

We’re so confident that you’ll absolutely love our training bands that if somehow you aren’t 100% satisfied, just contact us and we'll make sure you are!

Additional Gear Information

Eligible for express shipping?  Yes
Material  Premium Nylon/Elastic blend
  • Enables new exercises
  • Increase the difficulty of many exercises
  • Workout anywhere
  • Activates smaller muscle groups, reducing imbalances
  • Achieve greater legs & glutes strength
Available sizes  Small, Medium & Large
Dimensions 12" (small), 14" (medium) & 16" (large)
Weight  0.3 lbs each
Warranty Type  3 Years Warranty